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Prof Asha Gupta


Designation Professor
Specialization Ecology
  • M.Sc. (Sagar University)
  • Ph.D. (Nagpur University)
  • M.Ed. (Nagpur University)
  • D.Sc. (Moscow, USSR)
Honours/Awards Recipient of USSR Higher Education Fellowship Award from Ministry of Higher Education, USSR
Research Projects
Research Papers

Brief Biosketch :

Dr Asha Gupta obtained her M.Sc. degree in 1975 from the University of Sagar and Ph. D. Botany from Nagpur University in 1981. She is recipient of Higher Education Fellowship Award from Ministry of Higher Education, USSR., under the scheme

She obtained a Post Doctoral Fellowship and obtained her D.Sc. Degree from Moscow University in 1990. She has presented papers in International conferences in Finland, France, Japan, Russia, Italy, Australia and Bangladesh , She has organized a symposium on Matrix Models in Ecology, in 1998 at the International Congress of Ecology at Florence, Italy. Professor Gupta has successfully completed research projects funded by CSIR, DST, Forest Deptt. Govt. of Manipur, WWF and Loktak Development Authority. She has published general reviews and research articles in journals of national and international repute. She is the editor of nine books – Advancing Frontiers of Ecological Researches in India, Biodiversity Conservation and Legal Aspects, Ecorestoration and Biodiversity Conservation, Biodiversity Utilization and Conservation, Ecoplanning, Biodiversity and Climate Change, Perspectives in Science and Perspectives in Culture, Integrated Farm Management, Global warming, climate change and author of a monograph on Lemanea in Lotic Environment of Manipur, North East India published from Germany.

She has organized conferences on Biodiversity and conservation(2008), Germplasm protection (2010) Carbon Sequestration(2012), Seminar on Science for shaping the future of India(20120, Regional seminar on Innvations in Science and Technology (2013),National seminar on Science and Technology for human Development(2015), courses and workshops on environmental issues, global climate change and Intellectual Property Rights,Disaster Management, etc.She is Life Member of Indian Science Congress Association,a premier Scientific Organisation of the country and executive member of ISCA-Imphal Chapter, Life member of International Society of Natural Scientists. Life member 0f International Society of Ecology and Envronment .etc, She is on the Editorial board of journals like botanique and Bioglobia . Under the aegis of Imphal-ISCA chapter,she has organised Regional Science Congress on the theme Innovations in Science and Technology(2013),seminar on. Science in shaping the future of India(2012). Workshop on Water conservation 2012), painting competition for school children (2012), She is recipient of Birbal Savitri Sahani Plaque and gold medal for enhancing the science of biodiversity conservation. Her name is notified in the gazetteer of India as an expert in State Environmental Appraisal Committee (SEAC) from Manipur. She has guided works on the Key Stone species in Sacred groves,Biodiversity and productivity in floating national park,Soil and water conservation issues in different land uses,wetlands, productivity and water quality, riparian vegetation, water pollution, hydrological cycle,remote Sensing and GIS application in watershed management, high altitude research ten scholars got Ph.D. under her supervision. At present she is In-Charge of programme on Carbon Sequestration in Forests at the Centre of Advanced Study, Department of Life Sciences, Manipur University and Principle. Investigator on Carbon stock and sequestration potential of major Landuse systems in Manipur funded by DST, Govt of India.